Here you'll find the answers to many of the questions you'll have about teaching and living in Thailand.  If you don't find the information you are looking for, just drop us an email and we'll try to get back to you soon.

+ When should I apply for a job?

The busiest recruitment season is in March each year with jobs starting from May. However, due to staff turnover, there will be positions coming available throughout theacademic year.

  • The academic year runs from May to early March.
  • You can apply any time but most recruitment is done from January to April each year with the jobs starting in May.

+ How much money will I need to get through to my first pay check?

If you arrive in early May before the training, you need to budget for a hotel in Bangkok, two months' deposit and one month's rent for your apartment, and food etc.

  • Absolute minimum based on a cheap apartment at 4,000THB per month would be 32,000THB.
  • With a mid-level apartment and a reasonable standard of living, plan for a budget of 45,000THB.
  • Remember as long as you stay in the apartment to the end of the agreed contract you should receive your full deposit back at the end of the contract.

+ Will I get a Work Permit immediately?

The process of getting a work permit usually takes about two months provided you have the correct documentation. It is important to to have the original of your degree and transcripts with you.

+ Do I need a TEFL certificate?

No, you don't need a TEFL certificate. SINE teachers deliver SINE PowerPoint-based programs following detailed SINE scripts. AFter training with SINE you will be ready to staert tecahing immediately.