There are many opportunities for teachers looking for work in Thailand.

English Conversation Teachers

Usually less experienced teachers will be employed teaching English conversation to large classes in government high schools. These contract are usually for the duration of the academic year from May through to the end of February. These classes can be challenging but if you work with SINE, then many of the challenges are made manageable through the use of multimedia and PowerPoint teaching modules.

English PROGRAM Teachers

More experienced teachers or teachers qualified to teach content subjects (Maths or Science) can either teach English conversation or look for English Program positions that are usually 12-month contracts with higher salaries. These jobs are harder to find and the administrative demands on the teacher much higher, but the teaching can be very rewarding. BFITS (THAILAND) is a leading provider of these programs in Bangkok.


Teachers with either the CELTA or Trinity TESOL might also look for opportunities in language schools or training companies teaching examination preparation or Business English to adults. You can contact the number one business English training organization here