Most English teachers in Thailand work with students in government schools to improve their English conversation skills.

Thai students attend primary school (Prathom) for six years and Secondary school (Matthayom) for six years. In Matthayom students will study at least three hours of English per week. Usually two of these hours are taught by a Thai teacher and one hour by a native English speaking teacher. The lesson with the native speaker usually focuses on speaking and listening while the Thai teachers focus on English grammar. The majority of teachers new to Thailand will be employed teaching these lessons. 

If you work with SINE, all the classrooms have multimedia and all lessons are delivered from SINE PowerPoint presentations. With SINE training and support, you'll be feeling fairly confident by the time you get in the classroom.

Over the last decade, many large Thai government schools have introduced English programs. Students study up to 20 hours each week in English with Science, Maths, ICT, World History and Health content lesson being delivered in English. Usually the maths and science teachers would need degrees in those subjects to teach on these programs. The English teachers would also usually need experience and appropriate ESL qualifications to work on these programs. BFITS (Thailand) is the premium provider of English Programs in Thailand.